Six Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints

It could be the reason why you do not want to get out of the bed at the start of the day – the sudden feeling of that hot spike over your heels. But, you might be able to get rid of that throbbing pain through using a plantar fasciitis night support.

Morning stretching might just do a lot of things for you, yet the night stretch which the splint offers gives instant and soothing relief to a lot of people. Of course, there’s no genuine way of guaranteeing that the night splint is the ultimate end-all pain management for all your morning afflictions. Yet, a lot of people who suffered from plantar fasciitis testified and proved all of the benefits and its power to minimize and even resolve the problem, giving you the comfort and relief that you really need.

The idea at the back of this is quite sound wherein you will be keeping this fascia ligament stretched whilst sleeping. However, finding out whether it’s the best possible solution for heel pain could be really cumbersome. Can you stay comfortable through the night while wearing a pair of boots to nap?​

Fortunately, there are many people who are in the same situation as you who’ve found that through wearing the foot boot every night, they may wake up in the morning and notice that the pain is disappearing little by little after several weeks. Of course, it is very important to remain firm in following the protocol.​

The Advantages of Using a Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

  • A plantar fasciitis night splint will position your feet in a 90 degree dorsiflexion which stretches your fascia. In most cases, it soothes the pain.
  • It then tolerates stretch to your Achilles tendon as well as to your calf muscles that have been believed to play a major role in the development of plantar fasciitis.

On the other hand, there is a drawback in wearing a plantar fasciitis night splint. That is the awkward effect that it might have on other people. It has been compared to putting on snow boots when you go to bed. Those people who are eager to continue with the protocol, on the other hand, open the chance to see some definitive enhancements from the pain they feel on their heels.

Various Forms of Night Splints

There are 2 primary forms of splints intended for treating and managing this heel pain – the boot and dorsal. The noticeable change is that they’re constructed on the opposite part of your foot. The dorsal splint comes with tough plastic support which rides together with the shin as well as the top of your foot in order to keep your foot on a 90 degree angle, whilst leaving your heel and your foot’s arch breathing freely.

The boot splint appears just as the name of it sounds. You will see that the backbone of your support is on the rear side of your leg & calf. It runs underneath your foot. It’s generally a bigger brace compared to dorsal style.​

Typical Complaints with Dorsal Brace

  • Design imperfection can cause foot slippage. Therefore, it does not hold the stretch
  • More pressure is added on your toes which causes them to tingle
  • Bigger straps trigger sweating

Usual Complaints with Boot Brace

  • Toes become numb
  • You cannot walk while wearing them when you need to get up
  • You cannot walk while wearing them when you need to get up

Both of these braces come with disadvantages so you need to find out which will benefit you better.

Group Researches and Statistics

Numerous statistical supports for treating plantar fasciitis appear to show that the application of a joined set different conservative treatments is giving the best possible outcome when it comes to curing heel discomfort. In the randomized research to assess the effectiveness of the plantar fasciitis night splint, the 15 patients who were assigned to comply with the night splint treatment procedure were treated or have been found to be able to give significant development to pain, tenderness associated with plantar fasciitis and/or ankle variety of movement in 12.5 weeks. On the conclusion of this research, it has been found that the pressure night support in combination with anti-inflammatory medicine, heel cushions, and stretching, proved great and effective in curing plantar fasciitis.

There were fifteen patients who were assigned to undergo a night splint management protocol and were treated and they found significant development to discomfort. In a study that has been carried out by the University of Pittsburgh, 3 control clusters of thirty persons each team were assigned to define the effectiveness of using night splints or using an arch support or through the application of curing plantar fasciitis. It has been determined that the usage of both the arch support and night splint may be a much more efficient treatment compared to the application of a sole remedy option.

Many studies performed throughout the last fifteen years found favorable and similar reviews of a night splint as a remedy choice. It will be very effective provided that it is used in connection with some other orthotic help and support.​

Best Plantar Fasciitis Night Splints​

Here is a list of the best plantar fasciitis night splints that you can use to get rid of pain:

Bird & Cronin PF Night Splint

The Bird & Cronin PF Night Splint has been specifically designed to offer a soothing and instant relief from morning pains related with plantar fasciitis. A slip-resistant and lightweight sole adds to the advantage of keeping the feet stretched each night in a dorsiflexed pose. This can be a good choice for you, depending on the kind of situation you are in.


The following are the benefits of this night splint:

  • It relieves the “morning pain” that you experience the first step you make when going out of bed.
  • It features soft and comfy padding to avoid irritation.
  • It fits well on your feet.
  • It is also available in different sizes.

On the other hand, this one also comes with some disadvantages:

  • Foot becomes numb when strapped excessively tight.
  • It might be painful to stay in bed.
  • Hard to move everywhere.
  • Might have to get a size up.

Alpha Medical PF Night Splint – Heel & Foot Pain

Much the same with the first choice, Alpha Medical Splint designed for plantar fasciitis guarantees simple engineering which gives the best results. Their frivolous profile, foot breathability, and padded straps provide instant convenience to an otherwise awkward sleep device. On the other hand, keeping fascia stretched while having that relaxing feeling is the first thing that you will have early in the daybreak. It is the reason why Bird & Cronin PF Night Splint is promising.


Alpha Medical Splint will give you these benefits:

  • It effectively alleviates the morning pain.
  • It has an optional wedge intended for support of your toes.
  • It features a comfy padding and Velcro straps.
  • It comes with numerous size options.
  • It fits on your feet.

Sad to say, this one also comes with some flaws:

  • The foot might go numb when it is not correctly strapped.
  • Might be painful to adjust.
  • Design issues that the mid band might not firmly lock into place.

Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support/Futuro Adjustable

Compared to boot braces, this one is capable of producing less-heavy dorsal style support designed for those people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. It comes with breathable, soft foam which enhances comfort whilst also holding your foot in a 90-angle whilst you are sleeping or lounging all over the room. Futuro Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Support also comes with flexible foot strap edition.


This product comes with different benefits like:

  • It works to treat and soothe heel pain that you experience after waking up.
  • It is not as huge as putting on a pair of boots when going to bed.
  • It is easy to put on and take off.
  • Its size is just fine, so you can bring this anywhere you want to go.

Just like the other two options that you have, this one also comes with some drawbacks:

  • There are some adjusting problems that you may encounter when you use this. It takes time and your patience before you can get it fitting right with your feet.
  • It might sever circulation.
  • It causes foot slippage in your brace.
  • It takes time to get used to it.

Active Ankle DNS Dorsal Night Splint

Just like Futuro, this Active Ankle Night Splint is the dorsal-style support that permits breathability and reduced bulk overall. It has been built to keep your feet in a neutral pose and give instant relief from excruciating heel pain in the morning.


Here are the benefits that you can experience when you use Active Ankle DNS Dorsal Night Splint:

  • It works effectively as indicated
  • .Adequate cushioning.
  • It is non-irritating.
  • Slightly more satisfactory reviews than Futuro Foot Splint.

Just like some other night straps that you can experience when you choose this one has cons:

  • Some adjustment is required to find ideal fit.
  • Your foot may go to bed when it is too tight.
  • Might slip in the evening.
  • Might not be suitable for people with small feet.

Swede-O Deluxe Padded Night Splint

Swede-O Deluxe is the boot brace that comes with more padding in order to avoid irritability while you sleep. It also comes with full functionality which the posterior brace can offer. Advertised as the comfiest splint available, you can see the reason by simply staring at it.


The following are the benefits that you can get with this product:

  • It is the comfiest plantar fasciitis boot.
  • Efficient in treating heel pain in the morning.
  • It has a free foot-flex section.

It comes with some disadvantages:

  • Bulky and large.
  • May need to size it down.
  • You will take a lot of time to feel comfortable with this.
  • It is difficult to walk while wearing it.
  • Its Velcro wears easily.
  • It is quite expensive.

Thermoskin Night Time Relief FXT

Thermoskin Relief night splint has been hailed as much more comfortable as well as a user-friendly edition of a bigger boot brace & similarly-restricting dorsal support. A sloppier profile gives the support more of a sock feel since the material used in making it is less binding compared to hard plastic. It pulls your toes up, in the same way with Strassburg Sock.


These are the benefits of Thermoskin Relief night splint:

  • Less invasive compared to brace.
  • Bigger sock designed for plantar fasciitis.
  • It works effectively in stretching this fascia ligament.
  • It is easy and small to use.

However, you will find some problems with Thermoskin Relief night splint:

  • Material warmth technology triggers sweating.
  • It shrinks on your toes which causes discomfort.


Optimistically, you have seen adequate information which you can use when you require a night support for pain associated with plantar fasciitis. These are the greatest options as stated by people who feel the same with you. They’re most expected to work especially for those people who:

  • Stick to given treatment protocol.
  • Combine this with the use of orthotic supplement during morning weight-bearing.

There is a lot of backing which supports the advantage of using a plantar fasciitis evening splint to reduce heel pain, and avoid it completely. It is among the protocols which people do encounter trouble, but when you feel and think that it can benefit you, go on and read testimonials which validate and prove its effectiveness. When you want to know more, please do not hesitate to visit our infographic which explains thoroughly what plantar fasciitis is, the symptoms, and effective treatment protocols, etc.